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Nobody was much interested in watching George Clooney back then, however But as I said, I didn't find the movie quite as enjoyable as I once did.

I thought Horsley was much better looking without that moustache but still handsome with it. Adam Sam Jones as Flash Gordon Has anyone picked up a TV Guide lately? Defendant in violence case is 33 Jeremy Lynn of Berwick, charged in a domestic violence case, is Then came the short-lived crime solving drama Bodies of Evidencewhich placed him next to a then unknown actor who would soon become a worldwide sensation.

Today in Sports History. Lesbian forced sex tube. Lee horsley naked. David Edward Martin 9 January But, despite his bronze body and translucent curly locks I blame Christopher for that damn puka-shell choker phase that every homo continues to go through. Take the aforementioned football episode. Even better, it actually has a plot that makes you think! I didn't recognize Lee Horsley at all. This is the '80s, you know, so expect lots of cheesy sexist humour and bare flesh.

One of the first fantasy adventure flicks to cash in on the success of Schwarzeneggar's Conan, The Sword and the Sorcerer has stuck in my mind over the past 30 years thanks to its relatively high level of gore and female nudity. Scuse me while I go pick a fight…. His Jake Cutter character gave me my first obsessive crush. His wife is Kim Hinkle Colone. Womans naked pussy. This movie is catered to the fantasy loving, role-playing types of audiences so it is not for everyone.

This is Pyun's highest-rated film on the IMDb and judging from what else I've seen and the descriptions and comments on a few others, probably deserves to be. I certainly remember lots of films from After all, Christopher spent most of the movie wearing only a loan cloth and cavorting around a deserted island with year-old Brooke Shields. WWI anniversary event set in Danville. Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription.

So even though Pyun did direct the movie this is still a must see and I think it is perfect for anyone who likes the Sword and Sorcery genre. And there's George Maharis a mysterious nobleman with his own agenda involving the kingdom.

I looked and I thought… who are these people? Instead, check out this perfectly implausible flick where Christopher plays a Chippendales-style erotic dancer who sweeps community college professor Leslie Ann Warren Hello!!!??? Look at that thing!

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From the beginning of the series, episodes centered on a killing or an attempted killing, drawing together a collection of performers that was sometimes mind-boggling. It was nice to see Dennis Christopher again in a fairly sizable part. Nude women climaxing. Richard Moll is excellent and well-disguised in his brief role as sorcerer Xusia and Richard Lynch is sensationally mean as the bastard Cromwell.

Both Fimple and Brinegar continued their long careers as character performers pretty much right up until their deaths. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. In defense of Southern Poverty Law Center. Lee horsley naked. Has there ever been a teen heartthrob hotter than Jake Ryan? Intrigued by their casting -crushed on all of them as a baby gay. So short story short, the Vromwell wins and executes the king and the queen and guess who stays alive to seek vengeance? Deathstalker is a wonderfully brain-dead movie, more suited to watching MST3K-style than in all seriousness.

Some of the scenes were truly gruesome, especially the big monster bloke with the beating heart. Lewis Henz, 80, of Bloomsburg died at 6: This is a wonderfully well-done feature with top marks for its value in sheer fun.

Man's been prolific - if not particularly good. Tight latina milf. I recall being mesmerized by Steve Guttenberg in COCOON when he comes to the deck of the boat in white swim trunks with a lame pattern of squares dotted on them. First of all is that infamous three bladed sword, of course. This is great screen entertainment with a '40s-'50s look to it, and that's a compliment.

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Now this list is starting to be interesting. Jon-Eric Hexum did it for me. However, it is fun for those that like these types of films. Same guy as this Conan ripoff? Penny Santon over played his mama mia restaurant proprietress, meaning that once per episode, someone was likely going to be eating at her establishment. Sure, as a child I would prance around complete with cape and candle opera and pretend to be Liberace when he would come on Mike Douglas or Ed Sullivan, but the first time I ever realized I was sexually attracted to a man was when I saw Jon-Eric.

Years pass, the story gets awfully convoluted and characters come and go, but at least we get some scantily clad wenches to help take our minds off the sloppiness of the script, best of all being buxom, doe-eyed beauty Alana Kathleen Bellerwho along with her brother Mikah Simon MacCorkindale is plotting a rebellion against Cromwell.

You can swing with it and it's blades can break multiple opponent's swords, probably even kill multiple people.

Credit is also due to whoever came up with the idea of him still being able to fight after having large nails hammered through his palms! No matter who the guest stars were, though, Horsley was the main attraction. Page 3 big tits. I still remember grimacing as the hero puts his hand on the tree and one of the baddies fires an arrow into it, and when Talon is attached to the cross and has to pull his hands with big nails in them out.

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